Himachal Pradesh- Abode of snow



Believe it or not but there is something that is pure and cannot be explained by the words and the photographs itself i.e. The Great Himalayas. In order to feel the real aura and aesthetic of any place, you have to experience it with your own eyes. Some hills in the Great Himalayas are so touching that it looks like it has its own soul. These hills have a vast natural view without the touch of artificial structures and overcrowded places. It seems like it is a heaven on earth.The mesmerizing beauty of the mountains attracts any a large number of audience and make them believe that there is something in nature which cannot be explained superficially.

The climate of the Himalayan region is unpredictable and it varies rapidly.Sometimes the temperature falls so down that it causes bone-chilling feeling and some regions receive heavy snowfall too.The topography of the Himalayas promotes different types of ecological methods and is very unique. Some of the Himalayan peaks are worshipped by the different religion.some people believe that it is a dwelling place of God.